Ways to Protect Your Family from EMF

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Electromagnetic radiation protection is not something many people think about every day but it should be. Electromagnetic fields or EMF are everywhere. This radiation from our electronics has been shown to be hazardous to people’s health. Nearly 200 scientists from 40 countries petitioned the United Nations and World Health Organization to provide more protection from EMF radiation in May 2015. Short-term exposure to EMF causes headaches, irritability and difficulties concentrating in children and adolescents aged 8 to 17, according to a 2010 study. Chronic exposure can lead to cells suffering from physiological stress after a year and a half, according to to 2012 study. Despite the risks of cell phones, most users have no idea and do not have anything to offer full body protection from the radiation.

There are ways to block EMF. People may not realize the EMF dangers that lurk in their homes and lives. Here are some tips for EMF safety:

  1. Replace what wireless devices you can with their wired counterparts. Have a cordless phone? Get a phone with a cord. Put a timer on your wireless router so it is off at night, or just turn it off at night. Use ethernet connections rather than wireless for your computers. As an added bonus, your internet speed will be faster.
  2. Be smart with your smart phone. Never talk with it next to your head, use a headset or speaker phone. Use the “airplane” setting and keep it on. Do not carry your phone in your pocket. Radiation levels increase in the car so, if you can, avoid using it in the car. Children under 16 should not be allowed to use cell phones. Limit your use of your phone and use landlines for long conversations. You can also purchase an EMF shield for your head.
  3. Be careful with your laptop. Again, use ethernet connections to the internet when you can. Use it when the battery is fully charged, not when it is charging. Children should not use tablets. Do not stream music, movies or television shows over the internet wirelessly. If you must put a laptop in your lap use a EMF shielding device to protect your body. It may not offer full body protection but it is something. Lastly, take breaks as often as you can. That is not just good to protect you from radiation but it is good for you to get up and stretch.
  4. Do not use these devices in your bedroom. Studies show that looking at a screen produces the same chemical effects in your brain as daylight so read a real book before you go to bed rather than a tablet. You can use a canopy over your bed that will serve as a EMF blocker (also provides full body protection).
  5. Get a reader to find the level of EMF in your home. You should learn the extent of the EMF pollution in your home to see how much you need to do to protect your family.

Electronic devices are an important part of most of our lives. Fortunately there are many products with EMF shielding fabric that offer full body protection so we can limit our exposure and improve our health and that of our family.

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