What Factors Affect the OTC Buying Decision the Most?

Clinical packaging and labelling

Consumers often do not realize how much attention that place on the packaging design of the pharmaceuticals that choose. However, the design and overall blister package design is an important part of the decision making shopping process. Most pharmaceutical aisles are very large, depending on the store you visit. It is likely that you have numerous options, just for one type of medication. How do you choose the one that is best for you? A typical decision making process usually includes the following considerations.

Brand of medication
Some over the counter pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars in brand awareness, and it often pays off. Brand awareness is commercials, signage, and print marketing. The more that you, as a consumer, sees a brand name, the more that your trust for that particular brand increases. When it comes time to choose a specific medication, you will remember that brand. However, it is not the only important factor when selecting a medication.

Packaging wording
The specific wording on both the exterior packaging and the secondary pharmaceutical packaging matters. Although you may not see the secondary pharmaceutical packaging until you open the drug sourcing packaging, you can usually get a good idea of what it looks like, based on the exterior packaging. When you visit a local pharmacy to choose a drug, you are looking for something that relieves specific symptoms. You may check multiple bottle packaging designs for one that claims to treat your medical symptoms. For this reason, cartooning is a popular option for the packaging of pharmaceuticals because it includes accurately labeled vials and product information and instructions.

Discounts and offers
Offering discounts and other offers is a great way to entice consumers to try a product. Coupons can even encourage a consumer to purchase a medication at a discounted price, even when they do not yet need that product. Many pharmaceutical companies will include coupons on multiple places. When a coupon is a part of the exterior of the box, the consumer can use it on that purchase.

The pharmaceutical company may also advertise the existence of a second coupon on the secondary pharmaceutical packaging. This requires that the consumer purchase the product to obtain the coupon, but they will receive a discount on their next purchase. Carded blister packaging is popular in the pharmaceutical industry because it offers the ability to give information and advertisements about the product, while also keeping it safely and securely packaged. Card blister packaging also gives the client the ability to add coupons in with their products to generate further purchases.

Good reputation
Consumers also tend to remember negative media. If there was a recent negative story about a specific medication or pharmaceutical company, you are less likely to purchase from them. Analytical and research services are also regularly testing different aspects of important medications in the country. The results of these surveys can directly affect the amount of consumers who purchase that product. Consumers want a product that is safe and trustworthy.

Physician recommendations ,br>
Physicians may sometimes recommend a specific brand named over the counter pharmaceutical. They may even write it out on a prescription page. A large percentage of the country has trust in their primary physicians, and is more likely to purchase the specifically recommended brand. If that product is not available, the product closest to the ingredients and secondary pharmaceutical packaging will be selected. The same following goes with pharmacy technicians. If your illness did not require a visit to your physician, you may request over the counter recommendations from your local pharmacist, who is likely to recommend a specific brand or product.

Ease and safety of product packaging
Although the packaging of the product may not be the top deciding factor, it is an important one. Flexible medical packaging is often desired. Consumers do not want something that is too difficult to quickly open. However, they do want something that is safe from children opening.

The next time you head to the local pharmacy for an over the counter medication, pay attention to your decision making process. What factors influence your decision the most?

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