Why Rapid Detox Centers Are Rapidly Growing

Anyone who comes across the term, “rapid detox center” might pause, and rightfully so—what exactly is a “rapid” detox clinic? Is it safe? Effective? How can someone combat a drug or alcohol addiction or any issue of severity for that matter—with only a few days to spare? Rapid detox centers are considered to be a method that’s relatively a work in progress in the medical field; the results have been skewed across the board, though making it rather easy to undermine treatment options there. And to some degree, the results are right. There’s no one effective way to rapidly ween someone off of drugs and solve their addition in 2-3 days; it’s unrealistic, everyone reacts to different treatment methods differently than others, putting a large percentage at risk for sustained injuries or death. However, for those able to withstand rapid detox treatments, they can provide astounding results—a rapid detox center varies where it’s stationed, some fast detox programs use home detox as a method to remedy people who are uncomfortable in a more formal setting and suffering from an addiction to alcohol and drugs. Along with their addiction, they could also possess a few other debilitating aliments that were onset prior to their descent into addiction, such as ADD, a persistent cold and cough (most likely brought about by a lowered immune system) or both ADD and insomnia who need treatment for ADD as well during their detox process. The effects of rehab detox centers can be immensely rewarding or severely tragic, as we’ll see later in this article.

What Are The Disadvantages of Rapid Detox Centers?

Rapid detoxing emerged in the 1980s as an alternative to extensive hospitalization of those with drugs and alcohol. Before rapid detox centers were developed, options like alcoholism treatment were extremely difficult to undergo, because older detoxification techniques were harmful and unsuccessful as well as costly. Treatment cost was primarily for those who were wealthy or well-off enough to seek treatment for their addictions—those who didn’t have the income to check themselves into rehabilitation often died attempting to wean themselves off drugs from, their withdrawal overtaking them. Treatment in a rapid detox center involved placing patients under general anesthesia and administering Naltrexone to rid their addictive mindset from their brain receptors rapidly—it had a high effective rate, but the sudden shock to patient’s bodies left them completely drained after their procedure, causing death in some patients, with the cause usually being unknown. Although the medication’s outcome was highly precise, it is still used to as a treatment medication its FDA approval allows it to remain in opioid dependency detox centers.

There’s also the additional factor of imminent danger. Florida is nearly number one when it comes to detox centers, meaning fraudulent activity will ensue, There are many houses throughout Florida calling themselves detox centers as a front for their insurance fraud scheme, typically abusing patients and keeping them addicted to drugs for their benefit that sways many people away from seeking treatment there.

What Are The Advantages of Rapid Detox Centers?

Among a bad situation, there’s always a silver-lining—many rapid detox centers that are in business have altered their methods considerable and created a safer, cost-effective environment for patients to safely recover. Detox doctors are far more well-versed in alcoholism treatment because it’s becoming an epidemic—nearly 13.8 million Americans suffer from drinking problems, and 8.1 million people suffer from alcoholism between the ages of 18 and older. There are specific treatment centers, alcohol detox centers, where alcoholism medications are administered to prevent delirium tremens (DT) a withdrawal that can be deadly if not properly treated, that can be life-saving because of medications. Similarly, drug detox centers can provide a safe, effective way to assist addiction—opioid dependency is the most prominent addiction in the U.S with drug overdosing being the leading cause of death In 2015 at a staggering 52,404 with an estimated 21,000 adolescents using heroin in the past year. Fortunately, the leading treatment centers are also located in Florida, specifically Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton, where Boca detoxes are highly sought after for treatment.

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