Why We Need Urgent Care Centers

Urgent care centers can treat a wide array of conditions, making them a medical institution that is growing more and more popular with each passing year. The data surrounding this claim more than backs it up, as such data gathered recently has even found that up to three million people are attending various urgent care locations over the course of just one week. And there are now more than 20,000 doctors alone employed at such walk in clinics all throughout the country. With such popularity growing with each week, each month, each year and so on, it only makes real and logical sense that the quality of care would be quite high.

For many people, going to an urgent care center is a great place to go for a minor condition. Such minor conditions may include that of the urinary tract infection, which is also referred to simply as a UTI (and perhaps even more commonly so). After all, urinary tract infections are hugely commonplace all throughout the country, as there are more than eight million diagnosed cases over the course of just one single year. And while the average UTI can be treated with relative ease with a simple course of antibiotics, it is hugely important to seek medical attention if you fear that you might have a UTI. After all, UTIs can become much more serious if left untreated, even spreading to the kidneys and requiring much stronger and less pleasant antibiotics and even – in severe cases – the need for hospitalization and more frequent monitoring. Taking action early on in the course of the infection can eliminate the risk of such things occurring almost entirely. Fortunately, such treatment can easily be obtained at your local walk in urgent care center, no matter where it is that you might be located throughout the United States.

You can seek treatment for skin conditions at various walk in urgent care centers as well. For instance, poison ivy is commonly treated in walk-in clinics, given that it can be found in the entirety of the continental United States. As up to 85% of the total population of this country will have an allergic reaction of some level when coming into contact with poison ivy, it is quite likely indeed that a doctor working in just about any walk-in medical care clinic will have experience in treating and assessing such matters. Fortunately, this means that the care a poison ivy patient can obtain at a walk-in medical clinic will be quite high indeed, to say the very least.

Treatment for sunburn is also commonplace at many medical care clinics. After all, getting a sunburn is far simpler and easier to do than many people realize. As a matter of fact, your skin can actually begin to burn after only just 15 total minutes of sun exposure, provided that you have not taken any measures to protect your all too fragile skin from the sun. For many people, a sunburn – and sometimes a serious one – will result after forgetting to reapply sunscreen after a good deal of time spent in the sun. Fortunately, having an urgent care doctor take a look at your sunburn can help to assess the severity of it – and what treatment and care should be given to it. For a great many people, having a professional opinion on the subject is something that can even help to put their mind at ease.

Of course, there are some practical reasons to go to an urgent care center even outside of convenient health care and comprehensive medical treatment. For one thing, the hours of operation are ideal for those who are not able to get an appointment during the office hours of their general care practitioner. After all, the average urgent care location has hours each and every day of the week. As a matter of fact, up to 85% of all urgent care clinics will have availability in this manner. And wait times at such urgent care centers are actually none too bad, to say the very least, with the average wait time only just half of an hour in length, if not even shorter.

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