Why You May Need Medical Weight Loss to Achieve Weight Loss Goals

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A lack of exercise and poor dieting habits are not the only causes of obesity. Some people who struggle with weight loss have trouble, regardless of their exercising and dieting routines. Other common contributors to obesity include hormonal imbalances, medical conditions, and medication side effects. When there are multiple causes of weight gain and the inability to lose weight, professional weight loss assistance may be needed for a variety of reasons.

Medication side effects causing weight gain

Most medications have some type of a possibility of negative side effects. In most cases, the pros of the medication have been weighed against the cons, and it has been decided that it is worth it. However, when weight gain or the inability to lose weight is causing its own medical problems, the medication may need to be reevaluated. It is possible that there are other medications on the market that achieve the same results, without the inhibitor to weight loss. Your nutritionist may also be able to provide you with a different type of weight loss plan, accounting for your required medications.

Hormonal imbalances

As we age, our hormones fluctuate quite drastically. Hormonal imbalances can create a wide variety of health problems, including weight gain. It is likely that you are unable to eat the same foods as you once could, without noticing higher weight gains. Bioidentical hormones and weight loss may be your solution. Getting a better control on your hormones can help with more than just weight loss. It can also help with hair loss men typically experience later in age and overall hair loss treatment.

Some patients who undergo regular expensive cosmetic treatments like PRP face lift procedure, may also find improvements to their face and skin conditions. With $13.3 billion spent on cosmetic procedures in the U.S. in 2015, any amount of savings is useful. People are putting a lot of money into improving their self esteem and the effects of aging. Many of the efforts will be pointless if the cause is a medication or hormonal imbalance.

Medical cause

There are medical causes of weight gain. One of the most common is problems with the thyroid. If you find that regardless of your dieting and exercising, you are still unable to lose weight, have a physical exam completed. The physician will check things like your thyroid levels and may suggest alternative treatments. One example of an alternative treatment is Botox. While Botox is commonly known for cosmetic Botox as a source of PRP face lift procedure, it is also used for the treatment of medical conditions.

Botox has shown to be effective in those who suffer from chronic migraines, as well as excessive sweating conditions. Botox lasts, on average, for 4 months, but it shows high success rates in the treatment of these medical conditions. Botox may be effective in treating some of the negative side effects of weight loss medications, as well. Work with your physician on the possibilities of Botox for either cosmetic or medical use.

Weight loss after care

Some patients have no trouble with losing weight, but instead, struggle with the condition of their body after high amounts of weight loss. The skin is stretched to cover fat deposits, so when large amounts are lost at once, the skin can be flimsy and loose. PRP face lift procedures can help with tightening the skin on the face. However, other sculpting procedures often require surgical procedures for the body.

According to the annual plastic surgery procedure statistics, there were 15.9 million surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures performed in the United States in 2015, a 2% increase over 2014. Cosmetic procedures are common for many medical conditions that also involve weight. Medical problems, medication side effects, and hormonal imbalances all play a role in preventing effective weight loss. However, physician monitoring, alternative treatments, and cosmetic PRP face lift procedures, such as Botox, can help with all the individual roles that are required in medical weight loss.

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