6 Amazing Benefits that Your Body Will Feel From a Detox

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If you are trying to flush out your system from an addiction be it drugs, sugar or are simply working on removing toxins from the body or give your body better hormonal support, doing a detox is the best way to go. There are so many benefits from going through a detox and the best part is, is that it doesn’t take very long. You can use detox support supplements in order to kick start your system and help to maximize your results. Here are a few benefits that you will notice from doing a detox.

Alleviates Hormone Imbalance Symptoms
If you need to alleviate occasional hot flashes or balance out your hormones, doing a detox is the way to go. When you are either entering puberty, are going through your monthly cycle, are pregnant, postpartum or experience menopause, your hormones get completely out of whack. This is when the hot flashes come along as well as mood swings, irregular periods and more issues. Taking healthy detox support supplements will help to repair your hormones and will get them the support that they need in order to help you feel back to normal. If you experience fatigue due to imbalanced hormones, you’ll find that a healthy detoxification could give you just the boost that you need.

Removes Toxins from Your Body
There are so many things that can get into our bodies and cause a toxic build up. Outside pollutants, pesticides, metals and other chemicals are all seeping into us and being stored in the tissues and cells. This breaks down our immune system and makes it difficult to fight sickness. Taking detox support supplements and drinking a detox drink over the course of seven days can cleanse your liver and increase toxic output which cleans out your body and improves liver function.

Reduces Swelling and Inflammation
It’s easy to swell up or have problems with inflammation. There are detox support supplements and drinks that will help to reduce these problems and at the same time, assist your digestive system. The best ingredients for this type of detox smoothie would be watermelon, cucumber, ginger and strawberries.

Assists in Weight Loss
Detoxing will get all of the bad stuff that is hindering your weight loss out of your body. It will also boost your metabolism and increase energy levels so that you are more prone to work out and be motivated to eat healthily which will obviously aid weight loss as well. Cholesterol levels are also decreased which makes for an overall more healthy body.

Aids Skin Health
Everyone wants to have that young, smooth and luscious skin but it’s so hard to get that when you are clogging up your pores and skin with pollutants and chemicals. Between that, sun damage and lack of moisturizing, people tend to look older much quicker than they used to. Wrinkles, dryness and other factors all contribute to aging. Vitamin C is what helps to slow aging and heal scar tissue so a detox drink full of fruits and vegetables would really help your skin. Of course, one round of detoxing is not going to make you look 15 years younger immediately; it has to become a lifestyle of healthy eating and vitamin C rich foods.

Promotes Energy and Focus
You never know how bad you felt until you start feeling good. There is such a thing called brain fog. This is when your body is filled with toxins that do not allow you think clearly or remain concentrated on one task. This can result in mood swings, fatigue and other problems. Lemon, mint and rosemary are just some ingredients that you could mix into a detox drink that will help you to refresh your body, leaving you feeling lighter and rejuvenated. They are such powerful foods and they do so much for you including hydrating you throughout the day.

It will be very difficult to stick to a detox in the beginning, but as the days go on, you’ll feel so great and fresh and free that you’ll never want to stop. Of course, intense detox will have to stop because you’ll need to eat regularly food again, but it could be a great way to kick start a healthy diet.

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